Peak Family Medical

Our Doctors

Janet Little * MD CCFP : 

Dr. Janet Little attended the University of Western Ontario where she obtained her Doctor of Medicine and then completed her Family Medicine residency at Queen’s University. Dr. Little brings a wide range of medical experience and knowledge to her patients. Along with enjoying working in the town of Milton, she also calls it home.

*Dr. Janet Little Medicine Professional Corporation

Adriana Dragan MD MHSc CCFP FRCP :

Dr. Adriana Dragan trained and worked as a fully licensed physician in Romania for more than 10 years. Once in Canada, she went  through all the required steps to practice medicine: she completed her Family Medicine residency program at McMaster University, and then subsequently finished the Public Health and Preventive Medicine program at the same university. All these retraining years added fresh solid knowledge to her medical experience, which is very useful in her everyday work. Dr. Dragan has been enjoying practicing in Milton since obtaining her independent license, and she brings a lot of commitment to all her patients.


Dusanka Gvozdic MD CCFP :

Dr. Dusanka Gvozdic was born and worked as a fully licensed physician in former Yugoslavia.  In Canada she started working in research at McGill University on the subjects of cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and diagnosis of hypertension in primary care while finishing all requirements for her independent practice licence.  She completed residency in Family Medicine at the University of Western Ontario. Dr. Gvozdic has a strong interest in the welfare of her patients and their life circumstances, and finds joy in providing care to people through all stages of life. 


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